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Ninjago:Return of the Sun Lord
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User: Surtatb2007

Ninjago: Return of the Sun Lord is a custom theme created by Surtatb2007.


Jay is watching the news. He sees something about an evil knight in Stiix named Richard. He disguises himself, goes to Stiix, and corners Richard in an alleyway. Jay shot a blast of lightning but richard climbed over the back of the alley and jumps into the water. He swims away.

Richard swims to the park and attempts to kidnap the Park Ranger but Lloyd shows up. Lloyd was dressed as a Anacondrai Cultist and that scared Richard away.

Meanwhile, Jay goes to Ronin's Pawn Shop to find out stuff about Richard. He gets a book but then the evil Leonardo attacks. Jay escapes, and meets back up with the other ninja in the Samurai X Cave.

They read the book and find out that Richard was an immortal knight who wanted to awaken the evil 1st Elemental Master of Light. Then Kai goes undercover as a police officer.

Kai finds out that the Park Ranger's house was broken into. Kai goes there and fights the evil commander Teng. Teng wins and steals the key to the Sun Lord's grave. The Park Ranger, Joe, learns Spinjitzu. It turned out that Joe was the son of Wu. Kai takes Joe back to the Samurai X Cave.

Cole and Joe both go to the cemetery disguised as a farmer and a construction worker. They fight Teng and Richard at the Master of Light, or the Sun Lord's, grave. Teng wins and awakens the Sun Lord.

Nya and Cole work to create caves in the Corridor of Elders but Leonardo attacks. They manage to fend him off, and then move the citizens to the caves to save them from the brightness of the Sun Lord.

Then the ninja summon the other Elemental Masters. Bolobo kidnaps Richard and Cole then changes so he looks like Richard. Cole then goes and infiltrates the Sun Lord's forces.

Cole's plan is almost successful but a knight named Norman rats him out. Cole returns to the Samurai X Cave and tells the others the only way to get close to the Sun Lord is by wearing Sunsuits.

Lloyd, Jay, and Joe get Sunsuits and go attack the Sun Lord but are intercepted by Norman and Leonardo. They fight and the ninja manage to trick the Knights into getting trapped in Kryptarium Prison. Then the ninja go to Cyrus Borg's Tower, where the Sun Lord's base is.

The Sun Lord escapes in a glider but Joe shoots him down with an arrow. Meanwhile, Jay disables a vault's lock. They defeat the guard, Charles, and Lloyd grabs something out of the vault. It was mistletoe, the only weakness of the Sun Lord.


Stiix Battle

Park Kidnapping

Ronin's Pawn Shop

Garden Shed Robbery

Graveyard Duel

Corridor Carving


Jay (Stiix and Sunsuit)

Lloyd (Anacondrai)

Joe (Park Ranger and Sunsuit)

Richard the Knight

Kai (Police Officer)


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