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Lost in Time
Image ninjas & dragons


One morning the ninja find Destiny's Bounty empty Sensei Wu was not there. They searched his room where they find a powerful artifact. While trying to figure out what it does it throws them through time. In their journey they find a small creature that can corrupt people and turn them evil. Can the ninja defeat the four-armed, snake tailed Lord Garmadon or will they die on the way?


Wave One

Wave Two


Booster Packs




Amnesia Tribe


FX, EX, IX and LX Ninja

These ninja suits only have one of each kind.


The Ninja in their suits

Kai has FX, Jay has LX, Zane has IX and Cole has EX. The suits come with epaulets and are two colors. These suits give the ninja extra power. Cole can level the ground. Whenever Zane steps on water it freezes. Jay shoots lightning with this hand. Kai melts whatever he wants to. Jay and Kai use their suits to fly. If you put the first letter from each suit together then put the last letter you get a name.

CX Ninja

These are exo-suits made by Jay.


Jay in CX form.

These are armored suits with helmets like and ADU soldier's. The suits are powered by their elemental powers.

Serpentine Suits

Suits created by Serpentine, these suits give the ninja the power of their weapon.


Serpentine Jay.

These are scaled suits that are powered by the ninja's new golden weapons of the Serpentine. The ninja use these suits to unlock the art of Fang-Kwon-Do.

Ancient Weapons of Fang-Kwon-Do

The Ancient Serpentine Weapons are the ninja's new weapons.


Ancient Weapons of Fang-Kwon-Do

Kai has the Double Scythe of Fangpyre. Cole has the Chain of Constrictai. Jay has the Staff of Venomari. And Zane has the Blades of Hypnobrai. But the Staff of all tribes belongs to Lloyd. All five weapons have the power of Fang-Kwon-Do. The fifth Fang-Kwon-Do weapon of Anacondrai remains undiscovered.


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