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Nova (Theme)
Nova Title 002
Subtheme of:

Marvel (PatrickSt789)



Nova is a Custom Theme made by PatrickSt789 with Marvel Villians that are well known for wanting to defeat the Galaxy.


After teaming up with Spider-Man and defeating Dr Doom he went off to the Galaxy and knew that world would still be in trouble. Thanos, Beetle, Dr Doom, Galactus and other villains are trying to stop him from protecting the Galaxy.


Wave 1:

Nova Patroller

Dr Doom's Rocket Room

Unearthly Defence

Iron Achievement

The Galaxy Squad

The Mental Blast

The Rainbow Bridge Battle

Dr Doom's Castle

Arnim Zola's HYDRA Dragon

The Nova Tank Assault

Wave 2:

Magneto-Mobile Chase

Rolling with the Classics

The Avengers Assault

The Claws of Justice


Cgi nova
Cgi beetle
Thanos Blank Page
125px-Lego galactus
146px-Loki 01
138px-Lego malekith
164px-DoctorDoom 01
130px-Magneto 01
Foot soldier
Lego kurse
Iron Man Space Suit
Drax 01
NovaBeetleThanosGalactusLokiMalekith the AccursedDoctor DoomMagnetoStar-LordChitauriKurseIron Man (Mark 39)Proffesor XGamoraDrax the Destroyer

Character Info


185px-Cgi nova

Name: Richard Rider

Age: 22

Richard Rider had helped Spider-Man defeat Doctor Doom. But then realized that his Journey was not yet finished. Desperate for help he asked the Guardians of the Galaxy to aid him. They Journeyed throughout the Galaxy finally finding themselves at Earth. In a major crisis of Doom's plan. Nova left the Universe to the Guardians of the Galaxy and aided the X-Men. Them in need of help from Nova. Wolverine did not like the idea of a new Hero aiding them into defeating the Brotherhood of Evil. Nova then helped the Fantastic Four defeat Dr Doom. But his Journey was still not finished. For The Avengers were now an Enemy ...

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