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Origins of the The Ninja Force part 1 is an short of LEGO Ninjago: Ninja Force.


As the Ninja Force help clean and starting rebuild Ninjago City from damaged done by Meowthra. Lloyd tells the others that they finally defeated his father and save the city, Nya also state that they are now famous and one of the popular people of Ninjago since now know who they are now. Kai's really displeased that they have to pick up the mess done by . Cole tell him that they heroes and they do this because it right thing to do no matter what caused. Jay did point out they did able to unlock their newly found elemental powers and are thrilled to have them. Zane agreed as they are now learning how to become proper warriors. Lloyd then sated on when they first become the ninja force in the first place by Master Wu.

Then a flashback that take place at Ninjago High school when Lloyd became a new student at the school. after her mom drop him off on the first day, he was little sadden on how the people used to hate him because of Garmadon attack the city, there he was able meet his friends: Kai, Nya, Cole, Zane, and Jay who were also had their own problems at school, they they started becomes good friends on that, then as they walk together as they learn how to get to know each other. suddenly an old man appear and surprised the teenagers, who seem strange on who he was . The old man asking they seem to good friends but they came even more powerful as team fighting for Justice, but they think he just messing with them then the Old Man then walk away who think found a kids with special gifts. then all of the sudden they were attack Garmadon's Shark Army, the Six Teenagers are in grave danger!


  • Lloyd- Sam Vincent
  • Kai - Vincent Tong
  • Nya - Kelly Megahertz
  • Jay
  • Cole
  • Zane
  • Master Wu


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