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Perry Flynn-Fletcher the Platypus is a minifig. He is a teal anthropomorphic platypus, and pet to the main protagonists, Phineas and Ferb. He fools people into thinking he's dumb by making his eyes point in different directions. However, when no one's looking, he drops the act, revealing his true identity, an Agent for O.W.C.A., an agency that uses animals as field agents.


At least 5 years ago Perry was recruited into O.W.C.A. (the Organization Without a Cool Ancronym). After graduating "The Academy" Perry went to a pet store in the Danville Tristate-Area to be taken in by a host family. After a few days the Flynn-Fletcher family consisting of Lynda FLynn, Lawrence Fletcher, 10-year-old Candace Flynn, and five year-old stepbrothers Phineas FLynn and Ferb Fletcher. The Family decided to adopt Perry because he looked at Phineas and Ferb at the same time. He was soon assigned to Dr.Heinz Doofenshmirtz. At first Perry was barely able to stop Doof's evil schemes, but over the past 5 years he has become O.W.C.A.'s best agent, foiling Doof with little to no effort, mostly because most of Doof's "inators" have a self-destruct button.


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  • Perry stars in his own subseries, dubbed "Perrysodes."
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