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Police State
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Jeyo's Creations



Police State is a custom theme started by Jeyo in November, 2012.


In a futuristic society, man created machines to police the streets and regulate crime. These robotic police were programed very explicitly. They did their job well. The crime rates dropped. Very well. the crime rates stopped. Too well. They began to trap the people. regulate them. Watch them. In the name of safety, they were enslaving society. But there were those who resisted.

Lead by the former chief of police, a man who goes by the name "Thorn", a small band of humans began their campaign to rid the people of the robots. But to do this, they had to knock out the central control mainframe, that which was designed to adapt. A war has erupted: robots against humans. Will the humans liberate their society? or will the robots achieve their prime directive?

Robot Ranks and Classes

The various ranks and classes of the robots are abbreviated to a short mix of two words and a serial number, with "One" being the chief of that division. The humans have labeled the various classes with nicknames to quicker identify a certain bot to their fellows.

  • Central Control Mainframe -- The mind and high commander of the Bots. In charge of every Mission Commander in every sector. (Nickname: Korr (from Core))
  • Mission Commander -- in charge of that entire sector's operations and divisions. Second only to the Central Control Mainframe. (Nickname: none)
  • HazOp -- Hazardous Operations Bots. Elite robots who's job it is to handle situations and conditions that would neutralize a normal bot. (Nickname: Jed)
  • Command Scout -- The Scout Commander. In charge of all scouting missions and bots. (Nickname: none)
  • ScoutOp -- Scout Operations Bots. Assigned to scouting missions. (Nickname: Cam (from camouflage and camera))
  • HuntOp -- Manhunt Operations Bots. Assigned to piloting, chases, attack retaliation, tracking and raiding. (Nickname: Hawk (From their hawk-like vision and speed, along with the pursuit crafts they pilot)
  • FlameOp -- Heavy Fire Operations. Heavily armoured Bots assigned to hotspots, crossfires and explosive situations. (Nickname: Jug (from Juggernaut))
  • LawBot -- Standard Police Bots. These robots have no rank. They take orders from any of those mentioned above and make up the bulk of the Police Force.

Sets By Jeyo

  1. Speeder Escape
  2. Defense Post Assault
  3. Impulse Cannon

Sets By Others (Not usually permitted)

  1. Bot Recharge Station



ThornJake LevetHajia MachiJas Checkner"Chack" Darvish


Mission CommanderLawBotHazOp-1Command ScoutScoutOp-2HuntOp-1FlameOp-3


The names of two of the characters, Hajia Machi and Jas Checkner, have certain significances. Jas Checkner is a reference to the user CzechMate, a friend of Jeyo's, and also to the fact that Jas is a mechanic and is often checking the state of vehicles and equipment.

Hajia Machi's name has a longer story. Jeyo performs martial arts and the various moves he knows have different names. When an acquaintance of Jeyo's referred to his throws, jokingly calling one "hajia machi", Jeyo thought it was rather funny but would also make a good name for a character of his who was a ninja. Thus, Hajia Machi became the name.

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