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This article describes a custom creation, custom theme, or other fan material, made by a Brickipedia contributor. It has never been, is not, and will not be officially released.

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Ramage is a custom theme made by CzechMate.


Patrik Swarns was a disabled man, with no movement in the legs, until one fateful day, an experiment when wrong in the lab, with the code on the machine reading "Xzas, Ramage", a known production error code in his company, SwarnOps. His first ever villain was one of his assistants, Olivier Howcrofter, who grew envy of him, and made a suit, and became Raven, who often teamed up with his other rogues.

This theme concentrates on Ramage Xzas, up against powerful rogues, including Byzogulater, Raven, Dr. Splinter, and many, many more.

Design Style

The designs for the sets are within my normal style, but some sets will be more function relative, or design relative. The design for the main hero, Ramage, is usually dark red, but the figure itself is always the same. The Byzogulater's lair set is the biggest, in this point in time, at 560 pieces. Most of the sets are around 200-300 pieces, usually are WiPs, though. The Byzogulater's Lair is designed with translucent green crystals, which are "Byzones", a type of chemical on his home planet, of which he is made of. The Raven Lair is set in an abandoned zoo, hence the penguin, octopus, and the raven. The museum set could possibly called the origin of Byzogulater's thievery, and how me got Raven into interest of being a vigilante.


First Wave
Second Wave
  • Ramage's Cycle Track Down
  • Dr. Mummy's Eagle Getaway
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