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"Better run away, while you have a chance. My Shadowblade is hungry for a fight!"

Sinister is a minifigure from Fantasia theme.


Every part of this minifigure (except head) is black. Sinister's torso doesn't have anything printed on it but armor and legs have. His face has angry expression and red glowing eyes. Sinister's appearance is similar to an appearance of Evil Knight from Minifigures theme.


In a video game upon his first meeting with a player Sinister is shown rude and angry. He becomes hostile if player challenges him. However, if player decides to help a dark knight, he becomes more friendly to player. He finally becomes calm and kind after player defeats Lord Scorpio.


Sinister was a knight serving Lord Scorpio. When Scorpio revealed his plans of usurping a throne of the Kingdom of Birds, Sinister fled in panic. He was ashamed of his former master's and of his own behaviors, later proclaiming himself a Fell Knight. Sinister didn't want to contact with anybody, because of his fear of betrayal. Using magic, he made his eyes glow red, so anyone would fear him.

Sinister was always frightening other people, always threating them. He didn't want to harm anyone but also didn't want to contact with anyone. One day Sinister meets Crown Champion in a small village of the Lion Kingdom. Champion has a choice to kill or to spare Sinister. If he challenges a fell knight, Sinister will die in a battle. However, if he is spared, knight will ask a Champion to bring him a horse.

After bringing a horse, Sinister will thank Crown Champion and tells him his story. After that he asks Champion to resolve a problem with a revolution in the Kingdom of Birds, which is about to start soon by Lord Scorpio.

If the Crown Champion fully ends the revolution in the Kingdom of Birds, Sinister will become a friend to the Champion and will be available to recruit as a companion or as a knight, serving at the player's family manor.


  • His katana is called Shadowblade.
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