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"My duty is to protect from any threats, even if it's a lack of history knowledge!"
―Sir Lavertus

Sir Lavertus is a minifigure created by Shiva to represent Lavertus. He is one of the main characters in LEGO History: Video Game.


Sir Lavertus has two variations: his regular British Knight variant and the UK Police Chief variant. In his first variation he has a red coat similar to that of Royal Guard, bright blue pants and orange hairpiece. His second appearance is fully based on Constable minifigure, except its colors are dark blue instead of black. In all his variations Sir Lavertus has the same face and white epaulettes.


Sir Lavertus was born in a small town near the Black Country, England, Great Britain. After growing up, he moved to London for a while and became a history teacher at first, later quitting that job and becoming a police officer. He was rightfully serving, being very strict but kind to everyone. Later, Lavertus was offered to become an ambassador to the Hermitian Empire and that's how he and The Emperor Shiva I met at first. Being an ambassador, he became a good friend to the emperor and was acquired a title of British Knight and Police Chief by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Being a friend to the emperor, Sir Lavertus is pretty often annoyed by Shiva's behavior but he really appreciates their friendship.

LEGO History: Video Game

Along with the emperor, Sir Lavertus took the Time Stone and followed Zabarro through the timelines, fixing corrupted ones. During their travellings, Lavertus often showed his brilliant knowledge of history and was quite surprised to see Shiva knowing the history really well too. Soon Shiva and Lavertus found out, that the Time Stone they possess is actually a half of the real Time Stone, while another half is in Zabarro's hands. Trapping a villain in an endless time circle, he teleported them into the Time Warp Zone, where the emperor and the knight finally defeated Zabarro and fixed the Time Stone.

Gallery of Variations

British KnightPolice Chief


  • Sir Lavertus represents Lavertus, although he was made by Shiva.
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