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seventh episode of S.M.B.T:

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Super Moderngeneration Blast Team
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Custom:LEGO PureIntentions



Super Modern Generation Blast Team or known as S.M.B.T is a project that was made by LEGO Agents which they are directed by their boss Boss Thaino Grain. SMBT Members are: Custom: Electro Starr (Leader), Custom: Cats Eye (Rosee or Liana), Scarlet Rifle, Silver Bullet, Custom: Patriot YamYam, Raidar, Draak, Mindtwister and Custom: Snowflake. SMBT Daily on the LEGO Gallery.

The Origin

All Meta-Humans were forced to be part of a team, they were all brung out to be tested for their Ability's, at the same time a Rocket Crash landed in New Zealand at a little city called Tokoroa, a family found the boy and raised him to be a good man. At age 18 Ethan Starr was located by the LEGO Agents, non of the test subjects were good enough, they went to New Zealand to find Ethan ... but when they found him, He wouldn't let them out. This was the Beginning of SMBT starting with a 18 year old child forcing the LEGO Agents to stay. Later the other Agents in New Zealand were forced to call back up, so LEGO Agents sent in Agent Felix (Scarlet Rifle), Agent Jax (Boss of LEGO Agents NZ) and Agent Cole (One of the Original Members).

Gallery of Members

Custom:Electro Starr

Custom:Cats Eye


Custom:Patriot YamYam



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