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Custom in Progress!
This custom is not yet finished and is being modified by its creator, Trailblazer101, and may undergo critical changes while this message remains in place.

This article is about the movie. For the LEGO theme, see Custom:The LEGO Blazer Movie (Theme).

The LEGO Blazer Movie is a custom LEGO film created by Trailblazer101. It focuses on a brand-new made up story plotline of action and adventure.


Trail Blazer with a team of fellow mutants with special powers have joined the new LMMCU Wiki Universe as it is under attack by the evil overlord, Lord Blox. It is up to Trail Blazer and his new found friends to save the wiki in it's time of need, or else no one will be able to make their own films on the wiki again!




  • The film was originally planned to be called The LEGO Blazer Comics Movie and The LEGO Trailblazer Movie during development.
  • There will be a planned sequel.

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