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The Robot Chronicles: The Adventure Continues

City, Speed Champions, Ultra Agents



The Robot Chronicles: The Adventure Continues is an online game.


The Robot Chronicles: The Adventure Continues can be accessed through,, and The first mission varies depending on the site. If on, the first mission is for City; if on, then it is a Speed Champions mission; and if on, then it is an Ultra Agents mission. The object of the game is to unlock all vehicles by completing all missions.

There are two modes, Mission and Freestyle. You have a certain time limit to complete the mission, and if you don't complete within the time limit, you will not be able to complete the mission at all. However, if you do complete the mission in time, you can upgrade and get a new mission, thus getting closer to 100% completion. Once 100% completion is attained, then you can play as the AntiRobot.


  • Mechanic Stefands
  • Fire Chief Bern
  • Dr. Stitch
  • Police Chief Warner
  • Racer Francesco Frizullin
  • Racer Michael Dorfher
  • Racer Mike Robinstone
  • Racer Andy Jones
  • Racer Matthew Rawsenton
  • Racer David Cürmane

New Features

  • New and improved LEGO City map similar to the original TRC map but different
  • Redesigned version of LEGO City derived from the original
  • Achievements derived from TRC's MLN rewards but different
  • April Fools area called the Palto Alto Forest; Steve Jobs in his minifigure potrait can be hidden there