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The Third Doctor was the third incarnation of The Doctor in the Classic Doctor Who.


The Third Doctor was exiled by the Time Lords to Earth for a significant period of his life. The technological limits of the time period, and the constraints of his exile, often made him frustrated and bitter. However, he retained his endearing compassion toward his human companions. This Doctor worked for UNIT as their unpaid scientific advisor, and remained in their service after his exile was ended. Unlike his earlier incarnations, he was quite willing to engage others physically, and cut a more dashing figure.

He was often drove a yellow classic car, which he fondly named Bessie. He was also a master of Martial Arts, with his signature discipline being Venusian Aikido.

His foremost enemy was a fellow Time Lord, The Master. Although appalled by the disregard for life inherent in the Master's schemes, the Doctor treated their relationship as somewhat of a friendly rivalry, even enjoying their battle of wits. The Master reflected an equally casual attitude back at him. He also held out hope that he could rehabilitate the Master, whom he had once considered a friend. Though the Master sometimes teamed up with the Doctor to deal with foes who threatened them, he always bent to dark and malicious desires, which kept their mutual antagonism alive.

He died from a lethal dose of radiation poisoning, and regenerated into the Fourth Doctor.

This incarnation was the first to be reunited with prior incarnations during his own tenure, meeting both the First Doctor and the Second Doctor, and had a comical love-hate relationship with the latter.



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