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Thundra is a character that appears in LEGO Spider-Man: The Videogame.


Thundra was born in the Central Birthing Center of Greater Miago (Milwaukee-Chicago), a government-run laboratory where fetuses are brought to term in artificial wombs. Genetically engineered for strength and endurance, Thundra was sent to military school when she was eight years old. By the age of eighteen, she had distinguished herself as the finest warrior in the Midwestern Republic and became an officer in the militia. She led assaults against roving bands of renegades and the armies of the Central American Empire.

In the middle of Thundra's military career, the USSR faced an invasion from soldiers from another alternate timeline, a world known as Machus. Men from this alternate Earth had managed to overthrow their female oppressors generations previously, and used their technology for inter-dimensional travel to journey to Thundra's Earth to liberate the men of that world. In an attempt to strike back at the men of Machus, Thundra stole their dimensional apparatus, planning to launch a counter-attack on their world. The machine malfunctioned, however, and displaced her through time as well as space. She arrived in the twentieth century, and after acclimating herself, decided to humble the strongest man on Earth, thereby, she believed, preventing the world of Machus from ever coming about.

Upon her arrival, she was befriended by the criminal Wizard of the Frightful Four, whose instruments detected Thundra's time displacement. The Wizard was looking for a replacement for Medusa, and saw Thundra as an ideal choice. Thundra pretended to go along with the Wizard's plans in order to exploit his resources. She determined that the Thing of the Fantastic Four would be the ideal object lesson to vanquish in battle. Alongside the Frightful Four, she engaged the Thing in a battle, besting him fairly on at least one occasion. Recognizing that her actions in the past would have little bearing on the future, she betrayed the Frightful Four to become an ally of the Fantastic Four.


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