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Titanium is a custom Assassin Minifigure from Assassins. He is created by Wertys under Wertys Productions.


Titanium wears metallic and black armor and clothing. His helmet is titanium and his face is grey. He has black body armor and wears a metallic tactical vest underneath. His legs match his torso and have lines across them. The sides are striped yellow. He carries his prized Tommy Gun and has a Dagger in the other hand.


Titanium worked as a miner in Silver City, New Mexico. He moved to New York City after he lost his job due to budgeting. There, he stumbled across Flame and swore him as an enemy when Flame threatened him on the streets. Titanium later formed a group of Assassins called The Titans. Titanium and his Assassins are arch-enemies to Flame and Flame Riot.



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