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World City: Video Game
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LEGO Theme:

Video Game, World City




Action RPG


Single Player


PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

"This is your city. World City."
―The game's beginning

LEGO World City is custom LEGO Video Game of World City theme. It was created by Shiva.


In story mode, the player chooses a role in the World City and progresses through a number of quests, which are given and are completed on the surface. They can replay quests in free roam mode, as any all the unlocked playable characters. Characters can be unlocked by special Character Studs, which are placed in some places on the map.

The game itself contains a large open world that also acts as the game's hub. The open world is the World City, large modern city with big traffic and city noise, which is full of serious and busy people at days and dangerous criminals at nights. Along with completing main or side quests, the player can also do some various side activities such as playing street basketball or skating around at parks.

There is a Character Customizer in LEGO World City. The player can customize their default character using accessories of other characters able for them. Accessories are unlocked by completing quests.


At the Underground of World City arrives the train and a person comes out. During the monologue, which plays during the cutscene, it is revealed, that this person is the player's character and they came to World City to live and work here. Once a person comes out of the underground, they see the new world opened before them. They are ready for everything and set out on their new adventure, but it seems, that they are followed by the man in black. At first, person ignores that fact, but then they realize that this man keeps acting strange. Person soon finds out that a man has disappeared among the bunch of people and notices his bag going missing. Disappointed, they head to the nearest police station. Once person informs officers about that strange man and their stolen bag, they see this man once again, this time at the police station putting some arrested crook in jail. As it turns out, this man was an undercover cop who was meant to capture criminals by hiding among the civilians. Undercover Cop explains to the person that a crook he just captured belongs to the gang of Disassemblers, the biggest and the most dangerous crime syndicate in World City. Now as they know much, person decides to join the police force in order to bring peace and restore order in World City. They are not successful at first but once they prove themselves by interrogating an imprisoned crook and retrieving their stolen bag from that crook's fellow gang members, person finally convinces police force to let them join.


Character Bio Abilities Image

Newbie to World City.




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