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Zhard is one of the Protagonists in Rople's custom theme Ninjago:The Unfolded Series (Introduced in Crux Prime) He is a Robot.


Zhard is a mostly black minifigure with Silver hands and a Transparent Blue Left Arm. He has the same helmet as Evil Mech but in Black, Dark grey and Cyan. He has General Cryptor's armor in Metallic Dark Grey. He has printing on his legs, hips, head and both sides of the torso. Behind his torso says "テク" (Technology) in Cyan. He has the same Techno-Blade as Kai but Gold part is in Metallic Dark Grey. He also has 2 Katanas.


Early Life

He was built in 2263 to protect Metru Nui. However, he was transwarped to the past by Pythor and Overlord.

Ninjago: Crux Prime

"I was alone, walking around in a weird enviroment"
―Zhard telling his story to Crux in "Power of Eight"

Zhard was introduced in Chapter 87.Robonoid while being possessed by The Overlord. He meets the Ninja in the Nexus planning to kill them like Overlord-Virus has told him to, however Zane froze him and then Cole and Jack grabbed and wrapped him. Ninjas brought him to Crux, where he disinfected Zhard. Zhard told his story about being Timenapped and infected. Later Crux gives the Ninja Techno Robes and Techno-Blades. Zhard gets his own Techno-Blade too.

Later in Chapter 90.The Power Within, Zhard's and others Techno-Blades are stolen by Nindroids and brought to Cryptor. Later Crux gives The Ninja Cruxdragon, and Zhard is chosen to pilot it. Cruxdragon is powered up by the Elemental Blades. When the Ninja destroy alot of Nindroids at the mountains, Cryptor decides to retreat to the future. After that, the whole team starts to build a time machine.


Ninjago: Crux Prime

Ninjago: Threat From The Past


Super ZX


  • He will return in Stormrunner, alongside Zane.
  • He has some sort of a connection to Crux
  • According to legend, he was created from the remants of Norik
  • He has 6 Elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Stone and Ice, but he hasn't used them yet.
  • In Chapter 87.Robonoid, Zhard's Cyan parts were in red while he was possessed by Overlord.
  • His counterpart is Gosei Knight/Robo Knight
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