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CyberMaster was a small subtheme of LEGO TECHNIC. It was seen in 1998, and came with an RF operated programmable brick giving it better range and less directional issues than the IR based RCX.

The sets came with a unique technic figure - part cyborg. The lead set of the theme, the 8482/8483 Cybermaster set came with a PC CD-ROM with the software to program the brick and communicate via the included RF tower which connected to a PC's serial port. The CD had games and instructions for the set.

The software worked with Windows 95 and 98 which were popular at the time, but no longer works with more modern operating systems, even tough with some trickery it may be possible to get the software working.

Unfortunately, the set did not come with full printed instructions. If you wish to build the models from these sets, you will have to use the CD-ROM that came with the set. For every step of the build, the CD contains a short movie clip in the folder shared/build. Playing these steps after one another allows you to build the models of the set, al though some details such as axle length may not be present.

Also notable is that the 8483 Cybermaster set was shipped in a collectable Lego branded metal briefcase. The 8482 Cybermaster set was shipped in a plastic and paper briefcase.

The 8482/8483 sets contained an RF tower which connected to a PC, a Cybermaster Unit base brick which communicated with the RF tower and contained two motors, an additional motor and three touch sensors