Class 3 article

CyberSlam/Competition is a subtheme of the LEGO TECHNIC theme that ran from 1998 until 2001. All sets in the subtheme are badged as CyberSlam Competition. This subtheme's sets included many TECHNIC Figures.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
2854-Bungee Chopper.jpg2854Bungee Chopper72$7.001998
3038-1.jpg3038Super Challenge3662 TECHNIC Figures$69.991998
5204 Technic Competition Accesories.jpg5204Cyber Slam Accessories11$3.991999
8202 Box.jpg8202Bungee Chopper72$6.991998
8233 MC Vs Stinger.jpg8233MC Vs. Stinger1191 1998
8236box.jpg8236Bike Burner60$5.992000
8233 8239.png8239Cyber Slam Spider1191 1998
8241 Battle Cars.jpg8241Battle Cars115$8.992001
8245robtotsrevenge.jpg8245Robot's Revenge120TECHNIC Figure$29.991998
41b8M3poepL. SL500 .jpg8257Cyber Strikers367Two TECHNIC Figures$49.991998
8266-1.jpg8266Spyder Slayer3632$69.991998
8268-Scorpion Attack.jpg8268Scorpion Attack861 TECHNIC Figure$15.001999
8269-Cyber Stinger.jpg8269Cyber Stinger3451 TECHNIC Figure 1999
8305.jpg8305Duel Bikes2052 TECHNIC Figures$29.992000
5138H987R7L.jpg8307Stunt Race376TECHNIC Figure$89.992000
8450-1-1.jpg8450The Mission643 1999
880001-1.jpg880001Competition Racers and Stop Watch3 1998