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Cyber Dragon






The Cyber Dragon, formerly known as the Red Dragon, is a mechanical dragon from Prime Empire. Originally serving as a boss, it later becomes a mount for Jay.


First appearing in "The Maze of the Red Dragon", the dragon served as guardian of the Key-Tanas located in Terra Karana. Okino and the Ninja found it sleeping, and attempted to stealthily steal the Key-Tana, only to awaken the beast. They were then forced to engage the creature, which proved a formidable adversary and seemingly invulnerable. Unagami paused the game as Okino attempted to tell the Ninja how to defeat it, encouraging him to allow them to lose to the dragon. However, Okino rejected his creator's instructions, and was the first to strike at the Red Dragon's one weak point on its back. The Ninja followed his example, with Jay striking the final blow using the Key-Tana.

Because of his defeat of the dragon, Jay received an amulet that would allow him to call upon the creature to aid him in a future battle, though only once. He would make use of this in "The Temple of Madness", using the now blue dragon to fight off a force of Red Visors before pursuing Unagami into the real world. In "Game Over", Jay piloted the dragon as he battled Unagami's dragon form, battling across Ninjago City. Eventually the clash took them to the top of Borg Tower, where Unagami crippled the Cyber Dragon and it disappeared.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu