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Cyren is a Ninjago minifigure introduced in 2016. She is a member of the Sky Pirates, the villains in season 6 of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu.

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Like most pirates, Cyren sings, but this member of Nadakhan’s crew doesn’t stop at sea-shanties. She possesses a very interesting – and strangely mesmerizing – singing ability.


In set 5004391, Cyren comes with a unique green printed torso and legs, the former including the Sky Pirates emblem and the negative space often seen on female minifigures. In her other appearances, Cyren has brown and orange legs she shares with Doubloon and Sqiffy, and a torso she shares with Bucko and Doubloon. Both variants of Cyren have a double-sided head with smiling and angry expressions, and was originally created for female figures in the Pirates sets 40158 Pirates Chess Set and 70411 Treasure Island. Her hairpiece is a black version of the 2015 piece created for Black Widow, and has been used for various other figures.


Videogame Appearances



  • Her name and official description are a play on the Sirens, mythological beings with magical voices who sought to lure sailors to their doom.