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"Cyrus Borg? Yes. Unfortunately when my parents gave me a name like that, my future in technology was predetermined."
―Cyrus Borg"

Cyrus Borg, or OverBorg, is a Ninjago figure in the Rebooted line. He was physically released on December 1, 2014 in the set 70722 OverBorg Attack.


Cyrus Borg's minifigure shows him when he was the OverBorg. He has a black hairpiece along with a cybernetic eye. He also has a black shirt with robotic parts and plain grey legs.


The Age of Technology

"Welcome to New Ninjago City! The future is what we make it!"
―Cyrus Borg

Cryus Borg on his Mech Chair

After the defeat of the Overlord, Cyrus Borg encouraged the citizens of Ninjago rebuild Ninjago City. He made the city a center of technological advancements and named it, "New Ninjago City". He made many inventions such as the hover-car, security mech, super hybrid assault vehicle, fighter jet, and hover-copter. He built Borg Industries on the site of the Overlord's defeat. He was also working on The Digiverse, a game where the player will be digitally scanned inside.

Rise of the Digital Overlord

"Protect them with your life! All of Ninjago depends on it! You're right! I should never have built it here! You must go; he's listening!"
―Cyrus Borg

Cyrus possessed by the Overlord

In The Surge, the Overlord returned which is disguise himself as computer virus. He told Borg to make the Ninja return to New Ninjago City. When the Ninja arrived, Cyrus Borg came with a spider-like mech chair, and told the Ninja he had been disabled all of his life. He also told Zane that he felt sorry his father died. Then, Cyrus gave the Ninja a statue of himself. Inside, he put in the Techno Robes and Blades. He told Kai that the Ninja must go, and that the Overlord is listening. Soon, the Overlord discovered that Cyrus Borg gave the Ninja the Techno Blades, which were the only thing that could defeat him. He added robotic parts to Cyrus and possessed his mech chair.

Helping the Ninja

explaining about the stolen hard-drive

In Blackout, builders at Borg Industries find Cyrus Borg on the ground. When Cyrus Borg wakes up, he sees that the Overlord's hard drive is gone. Since the Overlord possessed Borg's mech chair, Cyrus traveled on an ordinary wheel chair.

In The Curse of the Golden Master, Cyrus Borg meets the Ninja, telling them that a "Stranger" has stolen the Digital Overlord's hard drive, as well as some prototypes. He uses some of P.I.X.A.L.'s energy the power his computers.

In Enter the Digiverse, Cyrus Borg tells the Ninja that the Overlord is in the Digiverse. He sends the Ninja inside with their Techno-Blades. The Ninja succeed. However, the Nindroids capture Borg.

The OverBorg

"Borg is still here! What use is he now that Project: Arcturus is completed?"
―Overlord to Pythor

the OverBorg

In Codename: Arcturus, Pythor turns Cyrus evil again, becoming the OverBorg. As OverBorg, he builds Arcturus, a rocket that will bring the Nindroids to the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu. However, the Ninjago noticed and came to their base in Ouroborus. He stopped Lloyd from preventing Pythor of launching the Arcturus. He throws him down the platform, but Lloyd survives because the Ninja catch him.

In The Void, the OverBorg arrives to Borg Industries, along with Pythor and the Overlord. They place the Overlord in a capsule restoring his body as a 90% Golden Master.

Rise of the Titanium Ninja

"I used to think technology would be the answer to all of our problems. But then, I saw technology invent new problems; devastating problems. And then, a Nindroid named Zane saved us all. He was the perfect balance between us and technology. He taught us that live should be a balance. Technology can improve our lives, but so can people. And if we focus on one expense over the other, that's when the balance is off. Our city will find its way again; but this time with Zane as our compass. With that, I give to you, the Titanium Ninja!"
―Cyrus Borg's speech in Zane's funeral

In The Titanium Ninja, General Cryptor frees Borg. He gets on his wheel chair and tells the Ninja he has a weapon that can weaken the Golden Master. A shrinking pill. Wu and Garmadon try to put it into the Overlord's mouth, but Pythor swallows it, instead. Soon, Zane sacrifices himself to the Overlord, teaching Cyrus that humanity is more important than technology. He builds a statue in honor of him and dubs him "The Titanium Ninja."

Staunch Ally of the Ninja

Borg worked together with Wu in The Invitation to continue Lloyd's training with a simulation in which the young Ninja attempted to claim the Golden Armor. He would later return in Curseworld, Part I, having been paid the proceeds from the sale of Wu's tea farm in order to construct equipment for the ninja, though he was unable to provide Lloyd or Kai with a vehicle. In Infamous an information kiosk with Borg's likeness as its interface brought Nadakhan up to speed on the fate of his crew, while in Public Enemy Number One the Djinn infiltrated Borg's facility in Hiroshi's Labyrinth in order to obtain the Realm Crystal and briefly impersonated Borg's hologram in the process. He also played a minor role in The Dark Island Trilogy, in which he was revealed to have repaired the Golden Mech of The First Spinjitzu Master at Wu's request.

Borg would later reappear in The Hatching, in which he is present for the unveiling of his new Borg Watch only to be abducted by Acronix and Krux after the unveiling is attacked by their Vermillion warriors. Taken captive, Borg would be forced to create an engine that would use the power of the Time Blades to motorize the Iron Doom, a time-traveling vessel and weapon created for the Hands of Time. Though he was unable to do much to stop them due to being menaced by General Machia, he was able to build a self-destruct mechanism into his engine, which he later attempted to enter with help from Zane and the new Samurai X after they rescued him. Unfortunately, this effort was thwarted, though the ninja were successful in stopping the Time Twins from altering history.

In March of the Oni Cyrus is evacuated from Borg Tower, only to be among the residents of Ninjago City turned to stone by the dark cloud of the Oni. Lloyd and Emperor Garmadon come across him on their way to destroy the Realm Crystal, but left him behind at Garmadon's insistence that only stopping the Oni would save him. This was greatly upsetting to P.I.X.A.L. who observed the proceedings through Lloyd's camera and, according to Nya, thought of Cyrus as her father.

In Level Thirteen, Cyrus examines a Prime Empire arcade game at the request of the Ninja, and determines that it is even more advanced than his own creations. Having examined it, he determines that the only way to stop Unagami (believed to be game creator Milton Dyer) is either to find him in the real world or defeat his avatar inside the game. He then explains that Zane and P.I.X.A.L. are unable to enter Prime Empire, as the game could endanger their programming.


  • According to "The Surge," he has been disabled all his life, first moving around with a wheelchair, then with spider-like mechanical legs.
  • His villain name (OverBorg) is a play on the words "Overlord" and "Cyborg". His real name (Cyrus Borg) is a play on "Cyborg".
  • He has created Borg Tower, P.I.X.A.L., the hover car, the security mech, and several other inventions. According to P.I.X.A.L.'s bio, she was actually the sixteenth such robot to be created by Cyrus.[1]
  • Also according to, Jay has a Cyrus Borg poster on the wall of his room.[2]
  • His minifigure has a double-sided head, one side showing him as the OverBorg and the other as Cyrus Borg, with a smile and no mechanical eye.
  • The Overlord's hold on Cyrus was broken when the power cut off, as his cybernetics ceased to function.
  • After being released from the Overlord's control, Cyrus removed the mechanical part of his head like a mask, but the metal on his torso and arm remained, though he returned to his original clothing as of Zane's funeral in "The Titanium Ninja."
  • It has also been revealed that Borg is talented at sculpting, as he had created a statue of himself for the ninja, in the city, and in honor of Zane.
  • Unlike the show, his mini figure has no glasses.
  • In the show, he uses a modified version of Obi-Wan Kenobi's original Clone Wars hair piece. In March of the Oni, it more closely resembles the piece's original design, but it switches back to the modified version as of Cyrus's next appearance in "Level Thirteen." In the modified version, the front swoop is less pronounced and the sides of the hair continue closer to the front of the head. The unaltered version was also used for Cyrus' brief hologram appearance in LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin, as the game used the models from the sets rather than the show, which can be seen in the game's depiction of Kai's hair as well.
  • His face design is based on that of the Driver from Dino. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it.

A skilled and imaginative inventor, Cyrus Borg saw the damage done to Ninjago City by the battle with the Overlord as an opportunity.
He rebuilt the place as New Ninjago City, packed with high technology upgrades, and built the Borg Industries complex right on the site of the Overlord’s defeat.
Borg’s successes have been many, but his few failures have been spectacular as well (the electronic papercut carving set, the electric bath mat, the nuclear toothbrush, the turbo-jet powered, sub-orbital golf cart, etc.).
“When I make a mistake, I make a big one!” he has been known to say.


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