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DD-BD is a Star Wars minifigure first released in 2018.


The minifigure is composed of multiple different pieces from top to bottom. There is a flat black stud on top attached to an R5 series astromech head, which is attached to a half body piece, which is attached to a thin white piece. The piece is attached to a stone gray T-piece, which is attached to two dark gray boot pieces.


DD-BD was a masculine programmed WDD admin-mech droid that operated within the control hub of mining operations on Kessel. Before being sold into slavery, DD-BD served on a Morseerian pirate ship. However, when the ship was impounded by the Empire, he was found there and sold at auction to the Pyke Syndicate for just a fraction of his worth. From there, he was put to work as a slave in the mining operation center on the planet Kessel. In 10 BBY, DD-BD was freed from slavery when its restraining bolt was removed during a slave revolt in the mines started by the droid L3-37. As first of many droids freed, DD-BD helped spark a rebellion on Kessel.



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