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DUPLO Community is a subtheme of Dacta the educational division of the LEGO Group. The first sets were released in 1986 and have been periodically released since then. It is very similair to City sets.

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1044-1-10907237861044Community Vehicles 6 1986
9124-1-9575964709124Transportation Set318$43.252000
9128 DUPLO Big Wheelers9128DUPLO Big Wheelers515 1999
9132-1-10783990119132Community Transport Set509$51.992004
9156-1-10907355929156DUPLO Airport8412 1989
9157-1-10617542159157DUPLO Vehicles257 1992
9162-19162DUPLO Boats346 1992
9163-19163DUPLO Airport  1993
9165-1-10907364469165DUPLO Vehicles268 1993
Dacta91779177DUPLO Community Vehicles257$32.251997
Dacta91789178DUPLO Vehicles - Transportation326$35.001997
Dacta91809180DUPLO Medical Centre807$68.001995
Dacta91819181DUPLO Fire and Rescue717$80.001995
Dacta91879187DUPLO Police Station6510$49.501997
92079207Community Vehicles Set 7 2010
9226-19226Hospital Set976$59.992007
9229-19229Police Station826 2007
9232-1-11084945919232Hospital Set1008$64.002005
9236-1-11084947569236Garden Set374$25.992005
9237-1-11084948359237Garage Set441$25.992005
99769976DUPLO Airport7112 1992
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