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DUPLO Town is a DUPLO theme that started in 1978. Since 2004, the LEGO Group has used the name LEGO Ville for all DUPLO Town related sets.


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
086-Tub Boat086Tub Boat31 DUPLO Figure 1978
1403box1403Racing Leopard31 DUPLO Figure$4.492001
14041404Racing Tiger31 DUPLO Figure$3.992001
1405-Racing Lion1405Racing Lion31 DUPLO Figure$4.002001
1559-Clown Car1559Clown Car4Clown 1990
1635 Fire Dispatch1635Fire Dispatch182 DUPLO Figures 1991
1811-Safari1811Safari271 DUPLO Figure 1996
2221-Build N' Play Circus Theme2221Build N' Play Circus Theme854 DUPLO Figures 1996
2430 Clown Parade2430Clown Parade182 clowns 1989
2443-Lil' Skipper2443Lil' Skipper61 DUPLO Figure 1991
2444-Lil' Circus2444Lil' Circus81 DUPLO Figure$10.001994
2599-12599Racing Team132 DUPLO Figures 1998
2606-Dump Truck2606Dump Truck71 DUPLO Figure 1997
2607-Catapult Racer2607Catapult Racer41 DUPLO Figure 1997
2609-Racer2609Racer21 DUPLO Figure 1990
2610-Car2610Car31 DUPLO Figure 1985
2611-Fire Engine2611Fire Engine31 DUPLO Figure 1985
2612-12612Motorbike21 DUPLO figure 1988
2613-Refuse Truck2613Refuse Truck41 DUPLO Figure 1990
2616 Mini Safari2616Mini Safari51 DUPLO Figure 1994
2617-Tow Truck2617Tow Truck41 DUPLO Figure 1989
2618-Deep Sea Diver2618Deep Sea Diver31 DUPLO Figure 1984
2620 Sports Car2620Sports Car31 DUPLO Figure 1980
2621-Motorbike Transporter2621Motorbike Transporter51 DUPLO Figure 1994
2623 Delivery Van2623Delivery Van71 DUPLO Figure 1980
2625 Car with Boat and Trailer 2625Car with Boat and Trailer71 DUPLO Figure 1980
2626-12626Car and Boat Vacation Trailer51 DUPLO Figure$11.001988
2627 Pony Trailer2627Pony Trailer61 DUPLO Figure 1980
2630 Camping Set2630Camping Set123 DUPLO figures 1990
2632 Container Transport2632Container Transport51 DUPLO Figure 1987
2634-Truck2634Truck71 DUPLO Figure 1983
2635-Fire Engine2635Fire Engine41 DUPLO Figure 1982
2636-Tow Truck2636Tow Truck41 DUPLO Figure 1984
2637 Fire Engine2637Fire Engine61 DUPLO Figure 1987
2638-Truck with Crane2638Truck with Crane101 DUPLO Figure 1987
2639 Petrol Station2639Petrol Station142 DUPLO Figures 1984
2643-Fishing Boat2643Fishing Boat172 DUPLO Figures 1989
2644 Service Station2644Service Station162 DUPLO figures 1981
2646 Crane Set2646Crane Set182 DUPLO Figures 1983
2649-Sea Explorer2649Sea Explorer413 DUPLO Figures 1984
2650-Cannon Ball Clowns2650Cannon Ball Clowns602 1989
2651 Circus Artists2651Circus Artists9Circus Ringmaster, Clowns (2) 1989
2652-Circus Caravan2652Circus Caravan16Circus Ringmaster, Clowns (2), Cowboy 1988
2654-Police Emergency Unit2654Police Emergency Unit132 DUPLO Figures 1991
2656 Village Post Office2656Village Post Office562 DUPLO Figures 1985
2657 Gas Station2657Gas Station452 DUPLO Figures 1989
Fire Station2658Fire Station604 DUPLO Figures 1989
2671 Racing Team2671Racing Team92 DUPLO Figures 1991
2672-Police Station 2672Police Station193 DUPLO Figures 1991
2673-Motorcycle Patrol2673Motorcycle Patrol6DUPLO figure 1996
2674-Racing Team2674Racing Team92 DUPLO Figures$10.621996
2675-Police Helicopter2675Police Helicopter4Policeman 1993
2677 Fire Helicopter2677Fire Helicopter92 DUPLO Figures 1993
2680-Doctors Surgery2680Doctors Surgery133 DUPLO Figures 1994
2681 Lion Safari2681Lion Safari182 DUPLO Figures 1994
2682-Ambulance2682Ambulance83 DUPLO Figures 1994
2683 Police Station2683Police Station373 DUPLO Figures 1996
2684-Dinghy2684Dinghy31 DUPLO Figure 1997
2687-Harbour2687Harbour503 DUPLO Figures 1997
2688 Doctor's House2688Doctor's House395 DUPLO Figures 1994
2689 Savannah Animals2689Savannah Animals313 DUPLO Figures 1994
2690-Fire Chief2690Fire Chief71 DUPLO Figure 1995
2691-Fire Chief2691Fire Chief131 DUPLO Figure 1994
2692-Fire Heliport2692Fire Heliport202 DUPLO Figures 1995
2693-Fire Station2693Fire Station433 DUPLO Figures 1995
2720 Cargo Center2720Cargo Centre331 DUPLO Figure 1988
2805-Pony Club2805Pony Club152 DUPLO Figures 1997
2807 Big Wheels Digger2807Big Wheels Digger61 DUPLO Figure 1999
2808 Big Wheels Tipper Truck2808Big Wheels Tipper Truck121 DUPLO Figure 1999
2811 Rescue Station2811Rescue Station494 DUPLO Figures 1999
2814 Big Wheels Road Worker Set2814Big Wheels Road Worker Set373 DUPLO Figures 1999
2968-Animal Safari2968Animal Safari491 DUPLO Figure$20.002000
2971-Action Police Bike2971Action Police Bike61 DUPLO figure 2001
3083 Flying Action3083Flying Action92 DUPLO figures$10.002001
3085 Race Action3085Race Action464 DUPLO figures 2001
3087 The Circus Princess3087The Circus Princess81 DUPLO figure 2001
3088 Growing Garden3088Growing Garden201 DUPLO figure 2001
3089-Adventure Trip3089Adventure Trip312 DUPLO figures 2001
3090 Forest Picnic3090Forest Picnic284 DUPLO figures 2001
3091-Big Gas Truck3091Big Gas Truck41 DUPLO figure 2001
3093-Fun Playground3093Fun Playground284 DUPLO figures 2001
3095-Wildlife Park3095Wildlife Park353 DUPLO figures 2001
534534Tub Boat21 DUPLO Figure 1978
5654-0000-xx-12-15654Fishing Trip14Dad, Son, Bear, Fish$14.99 / €16.992010
5655-Boxart5655Caravan213 DUPLO Figures$29.992010
6143 front6143Racing Team34€29.99August 2012
6144 front6144Zoo Train12€14.992012
6146 front6146Tow Truck17€14.99August 2012
6171 front6171My First Gas Station45€34.99August 2012

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