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Dagger Spider
Dagger Spider
Required sets:

8722 Kazi
8724 Garan
8726 Dalu

Year introduced:




The Dagger Spider is a BIONICLE combination model which first appeared in 2006. Its instructions were split between the three sets 8722 Kazi, 8724 Garan and 8726 Dalu, which this model is made of.


The Dagger Spider species was created by the Makuta using Viruses and Liquid Protodermis to be one of the Rahi to inhabit the Matoran Universe.

A population of Spiders established themselves on the Southern Continent. When the Great Cataclysm caused the area of the Southern Continent known as Voya Nui to rocket to the surface of Aqua Magna, the Spiders were carried to the surface and continued their lives for a thousand years. On Voya Nui, they were most often seen in the Green Belt.

When Voya Nui returned to its position on the Southern Continent, some of the Spiders may not have survived the descent.

Abilities and Traits

Dagger Spiders are named for their sharp, dagger-like legs. Usually, they are seen in swarms that crawl out of large cracks in the ground. The Spiders do not bite their enemies when attacking, setting them apart from other Rahi spiders. Instead, they feint as if to bite, but then stab with their front legs, injecting a paralyzing venom into the opponent.

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