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Dak Ralter is a minifigure introduced in 1999, based upon the Rebel Alliance pilot of the same name in the Star Wars universe.


To date, Dak has appeared in four sets (excluding co-packs). His first appearance was in 1999, the first year of the LEGO Star Wars theme, in the 7130 Snowspeeder. In this set, Dak has orange legs with a grey leg joint, an orange torso piece with black hands, and printing to depict a Rebel flight suit. This Dak's head piece is yellow, with black printing- two dots for eyes and a simple smiling mouth. When the Snowspeeder was remade in the 2004 set, the 4500 Rebel Snowspeeder, Dak appeared once again, the only difference in this variant being that his grey leg joint was updated with the new medium stone grey colour, when The LEGO Company decided to switch their grey colours in 2004 to a different shade. Dak's third appearance was in 2007, where he retained the same features as his previous variant, except his head piece was changed from yellow to a flesh colour, due to it being decided that the majority of minifigures from a licensed theme should have flesh coloured skin. The latest edition has a light grey leg joint peice, light grey hands, and much more detail than his older versions.


Dak Ralter was a pilot who served the Rebellion, and was Luke Skywalker's gunner in their Snowspeeder. He was killed by an AT-AT's laser during the Battle of Hoth.



  • Aside from the differing details on the helmet and torso, plus a new head, Dak's latest variant has exactly the same features as the generic Rebel Pilot.
  • In the official shop description of 7130 Snowspeeder, Dak is spelled "Dack", reflecting the fact that his name has also been spelled like this in Star Wars publications.
  • The generic rebel pilot in the game LEGO Star Wars II has the same appearance as Dak.

Gallery of Variants[]

1999 Variant
(Old-grey hip-joint)
2004 Variant
(New-grey hip-joint)
2007 Variant
(Flesh Coloured Head)
2014 Variant
(New Design)
2019 Variant

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