Class 4 article

Dance Instructor is a Minifigures Series 17 released in 2017. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (see the source of this quote)

“The most important thing is that we’re having fun!”

The joyful Dance Instructor knows how great it feels to throw on some colorful, stretchy clothes and move around to all kinds of music. She’s always trying to create new dance styles, but none of them have quite caught on yet, probably because she’s the only one who can keep up with her own dancing. If you want to see her really cut loose, just put on a tune with a strong beat and stand back!

Unlike her friend the Fitness Instructor, who insists that her workout moves be followed exactly, the Dance Instructor prefers to see everyone getting into the sound in their own unique way, dancing and grooving and having a fun time just like her. If she isn’t out dancing, chances are she’s just taking a water break – good hydration is super important, after all!