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Danny Reid is a minifigure released in 2013 as part of The Lone Ranger theme. He is a son of Rebecca Reid and Dan Reid.


Dan Reid Jr. was a baby traveling with his mother, Linda, from Virginia to be with his father, Dan Sr., in Texas. During the time they were traveling, Dan Sr. was killed in an ambush at Bryant's Gap. As their wagon train neared Fort Laramie, it was attacked by renegade indians. Linda was killed, but first she hid little Dan in a trunk. An old lady traveling with the party, known as Grandma Frisby, managed to sneak away with Dan in the chaos.

Grandma Frisby eventually settled near the Canadian border, and took Dan to be her own grandson. As Dan reached his early teens, the Lone Ranger was brought north in pursuit of an outlaw trying to cross the border to Canada. The excitement was too much for the old woman's weak heart. Before she passed on she revealed the story of Dan's past to the Lone Ranger. She gave the Ranger a locket she had found with Dan. In it were pictures of Dan Sr. and Linda, revealing the boy to be the Lone Ranger's long-lost nephew.

Dan rode with the Lone Ranger and Tonto after that. He rode a horse named Victor, who was the son of Silver. Eventually the Lone Ranger sent Dan to college in the East.

When Dan grew up he got married and had a son, Britt Reid, who became a masked crime-fighter known as the Green Hornet.

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Dan and Rebecca's son Danny may only be seven years old, but he's already an expert with the slingshot he got from his father. He proves that even the smallest hero can help to save the day.


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