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"Stunts are easy…it’s all the other stuff that takes nerves of steel!"

The Daredevil is a Collectable Minifigure introduced in 2012 as one of the sixteen minifigures from 8831 Minifigures Series 7. He has spiffed up hair, a moustache, a happy expression, and a white, red, and blue jumpsuit.


The Daredevil has a white suit with red hands and hips piece, with printings on the hips, body, and legs. The body has a five-pointed red star surrounded by a blue circle, with blue, white, and red wings coming out either side. The top part of his body has a red background, with a white collar and a gold zip. His legs have blue kneepads. He has a white cloak and helmet, with the same red-pointed star surrounded by a blue circle on the top of the helmet. The helmet has a transparent blue visor. The head has a double sided face; one side has a smile, while the other has a worried expression with one eyebrow lifted. He has spiffed-up hair with a curl at the front.


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“Stunts are easy…it’s all the other stuff that takes nerves of steel!”

No matter the stunt, no matter the danger, the dashing Daredevil risks it all for each and every spectacular show. Flaming hoops, long-distance canyon jumps and giant stomp-powered launchers are a breeze for this fearless fellow, who always keeps his cool in even the most perilous situations.

It’s the normal, everyday situations that give him pause. Driving a motorcycle at full speed up a ramp and over a dozen garbage trucks is no problem – but buying stamps at the post office? Yikes! He’ll waterski blindfolded through a school of snapping cyber-sharks, but don’t ask him to find the beans at the grocery store, or he’ll run away screaming. It looks like the daring Daredevil has definitely picked the right line of work!



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