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{{quote|Welcome to Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo, I am Grand Sensei Dareth and I 'Dareth' you to join my dojo!|Dareth in ''Pirates vs. Ninjas''}}
{{quote|Welcome to Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo, I am Grand Sensei Dareth and I 'Dareth' you to join my dojo!|Dareth in ''Pirates vs. Ninjas''}}
'''Dareth''' is the boastful owner of "Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo".
'''Dareth''' is the boastful owner of "Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo". He is currently the king of the Stone Army, and an "official" member of the ninja team.
== Description ==
== Description ==

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This minifigure has only appeared in television episode(s)
Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form, or appeared in any official LEGO sets.

"Welcome to Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo, I am Grand Sensei Dareth and I 'Dareth' you to join my dojo!"
―Dareth in Pirates vs. Ninjas

Dareth is the boastful owner of "Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo". He is currently the king of the Stone Army, and an "official" member of the ninja team.


Dareth has smooth glossy hair and a proud smile. He wears a light brown ninja suit and a golden necklace with a star in the middle. His legs feature some dark brown and gold printing.


Dareth, or "Grand Sensei Dareth", bragged that he was the master of all "animal" fighting styles. He also claimed that he could call on the Ultra Dragon whenever he needed help. He was at one point asked by the ninjas if they can use his dojo to train Lloyd. Dareth agreed to let them if they defeated him in a battle, Kai defeated Dareth with ease and they were then allowed to use his dojo. Sometime later, Dareth and the ninja witnessed Lloyd break twenty wooden planks along with the floor under them using an Earth Spinjitzu power. Dareth then claimed he could break fifty boards, having his students, Jeff and Phill, set them up, in an attempt to persuade the ninjas into letting him join the group as "The Brown Ninja". However, Dareth broke a total of 0 boards and was laughed at by all the ninjas. When Captain Soto and his pirate crew invaded Ninjago with The Black Bounty. Dareth attempted to attack the pirates as "The Brown Ninja," only to be tied up in ropes and forced to "walk the plank". When Dareth fell, he was rescued by Lloyd who was riding the Ultra Dragon. He later asked the ninjas to forgive him for his boastful ways. In Ninjaball Run his dojo was going to be demolished by a company called Darnagom Enterprises, which is just something used by Lord Garmadon. He was also able to make an emotional speech during the race to have the crowd cheer for the ninja.

In The Last Voyage, the ninjas put him in charge of the people of Ninjago and declares him as the brown ninja. When asked about his element, the ninjas replied: "The ninja of hot air?", leaving him thinking that he has the power of controlling the wind.

In The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, Dareth is the only person left in the city who has not been turned evil. When the Overlord returns to his true form, he loses the helmet of shadows. When Dareth finds it, he becomes king of the stone army, and commands them to help him attack the Overlord. After that, the ninja finally decide to make Dareth an official member of their team.





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