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Darth Revan is an exclusive minifigure, that was available online or at a LEGO store from May 3-5, 2014. He was the 2014 May the 4th Be With You (Star Wars Day) promotional minifigure.


Once a powerful Sith lord, Revan was stripped of power and memory. Revan later became a Jedi, relearning the ways of the force. When Revan learned of his past as a Sith, he deemed both Jedi and Sith to be narrow-minded. While Jedi and Sith practiced only the light side or the dark side respectively, Revan dedicated himself to all aspects of the force.


  • Revan wielded two lightsabers, one red, and one violet. However, his minifigure only uses a red one. Darth Revan wielded only one red lightsaber in Knight of the Old Republic opening scene againts the Jedi's strike force led by Bastila Shan. One can safely assume that this Darth Revan design is based on that particular timeline when Darth Revan first debut.