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Dash, or Dashiell Robert Parr, is a minifigure from the Incredibles theme and LEGO The Incredibles Video Game.


Dashiell is a very rebellious boy and often gets into trouble and loves playing pranks on his least favorite teacher, Mr. Bernie Kropp. He believes that he should use his superpowers; his mother, Helen Parr/Elastigirl, disagrees. His goal is to compete in sports: his power of speed would make him special, give him an unfair advantage and supers have to keep their powers secretive. His mother forbids it on account that "Everyone's special" (which is, as noted by Dash to be the equivalent of saying "No one is").


The Incredibles

Dash is first seen in the principals office at his school after putting a thumb tack on the desk chair of his least favorite teacher, Bernie Kropp. With no evidence suggesting that Dash was to blame (as he used his running ability to avoid camera detection), the principal sent Dash home with Helen Parr, apologizing for Bernie's crazy accusation. On the ride home Helen tells Dash that he needs a "better outlook". Dash states that if she would let him go out for sports, maybe he could. Helen reminds him that he is unable to do that as his super speed would be cheating. Dash argues Bob Parr tells him that the family's powers made them special. Helen then tells Dash that everyone is special, and he retaliates by saying "which is another way of saying no one is".

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Dash's primary superpower is his astonishing superhuman speed, which gives him not only the ability to run superhumanly fast, but also grants him several other abilities that come in handy when in combat or heroic missions.


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