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Dastan is a minifigure in the Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time theme, and is the main protagonist. His main goal in the story is to keep the Dagger of Time away from his evil uncle, Nizam. He appears in every Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time set.


Dastan carries two swords, and can hold both of these swords on his back with a neck piece that was introduced with his minifigure. His bare chest variation is the same torso as the Enemy Boxer from the Indiana Jones theme. Dastan's face is similar to Indiana Jones' face, but has more hair on his beard. He has a double sided head, one smiling and the other with his teeth clenched. Dastan was included in all of the Prince of Persia sets. He is the first minifigure to have this type of hair.


Dastan grew up as an orphan living in the Alamut. However, he was soon adopted by the leader of the Persian empire, King Sharaman. Nizam, who is Dastan's uncle, murdered the king so that he would have control of the empire. Nizam blames Dastan for the King Sharaman's death, and Dastan is exiled from the empire. However, while being chased by Asoka, a military leader of the Persian army, Dastan stumbles upon Princess Tamina and the Dagger of Time, not knowing its true power. He spends much of the film helping Princess Tamina keep the Dagger safe from his uncle Nizam and his Hassansin spies.


Dastan's Journal posted a journal for Dastan as he went through his adventures. It included several animations as well. Read Dastan's Journal here.

Gallery of Variants

Dastan without Scabbard
Standard VariationShirtlessWithout scabbard


  • Deadpool reuses his scabbard.
  • His shirtless torso is also used for Airplane Mechanic.
  • In the film, Dastan was played by Jake Gyllenhaal who also played Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far from Home.


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