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Day 38: The Frozen Planet of Orto Plutonia is a web-comic/video found on the LEGO Star Wars website and the twentieth released in the Online Clone Wars Comics series, which depicts stories and skirmishes from the Clone Wars. The viewer can choose the sides "Good" (Republic) or "Bad" (Separatists) prior to watching the video. Depending on which side is chosen, the viewer will see a different story.



If you chose Republic, you see Talz running from Battle Droids. Then the Cruiser drops three crates in. At first they are harmless, but they open and clones attack. Anakin Skywalker drives a Freeco Speeder right into a Corporate Alliance Tank Droid. The Clones then celebrate victory.


If you chose Separatists, you see Battle Droids attacking Talz and arriving in Seperatist Shuttles. They are curious of the boxes until they open and crush some droids. They are attacked, while Anakin and a tank droid charge at each other. The frozen droids sigh.


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