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"I'm like Wolverine on a good day! Without the hairballs!"
―Deadpool in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Deadpool is a minifigure in the Marvel Super Heroes theme released in 2012.


Deadpool's head is mainly red, with black ovals with white dots in the middle, representing eye slits. His torso has printing to depict his body shape through the tight suit, black wavy strips on the sides, and a utility belt on the bottom of the torso. He has black arms with red hands. His legs continue the wavy stripes. On the right leg there are a few pouches. He has back printing depicting his belt, the black strips from the front, and the how suit fits against his back. Deadpool comes with a scabbard (first utilized by Dastan), two swords, and a gun used by the ADU in Alien Conquest.

This version is based on his original appearance in the X-Men comics.

His appearance in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes is identical to the physical minifigure. He wields two katanas and two guns.


Deadpool, aka Wade W. Wilson, is a mercenary, and will act for good or for evil, depending on which pays the most. When he was very young, his mother died of cancer, and his father was murdered. As an adult, Wade joined Project X, where he worked as a mercenary. After traveling around the world on various missions, Wade returned to America. Shortly thereafter, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. His only hope of a cure was Department K, the branch of the Canadian government that created the Weapon X program. As the cure, he was granted regenerative healing abilities derived from Wolverine's mutant cells. He now had Wolverine's healing mutation, though to a far greater extent. He can survive injuries too severe for Wolverine, being able to regenerate from just one living cell. However, his body constantly remains horribly scarred, even though he is in perfect health. Now Deadpool no longer works for Department K, as he is an assassin and mercenary. Knowing that he is almost impossible to kill, he talks freely, earning him the nickname "the merc with a mouth".

Unlike most characters, Deadpool became a fourth wall breaker, meaning that he is fully aware that he's a fictional character. He frequently brings this up, thoroughly confusing most and leading some to believe he is insane, which may or may not be entirely true.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Deadpool does not have a major role in the main story, however he narrates the extra levels found throughout New York City. He has a room on the Helicarrier where the player can enter codes, read comics unlocked by collecting minikits in the main story levels, and buy Red Bricks found in the extra levels. He becomes playable once all the Red Bricks have been purchased. After that, he appears on the streets of New York, giving the player three more missions: -He challenges the player to a race. (Reward: Deadpool's Scooter) -He tells the player to bring him a sword that's shaped like a flamingo. (Reward: Deadpool's Helicopter) -He teams up with the player to fight a group of A.I.M. Agents. (Reward: Aunt May)[source?]

He also makes a cameo in every main level in the game (though not as many as Stan Lee).

Like Wolverine, when his health is depleted he turns into a skeleton until he heals, rather than falling apart. Unlike Wolverine, his skeleton is not adamantium coated. Amusingly, his mask is imprinted on his skull and his guns become bones. In the game, when Deadpool is idle and not being moved but still being controlled by the player, he will occasionally pull out a banana instead of a gun and will also dance the Gangnam style.

In-Game Fourth Wall Breaks

Deadpool's fourth wall breaks are very common in the game, as he frequently speaks directly to the player and acknowledges that he is in a video game. His fourth wall breaks include:

  • Most of his cameos break the fourth wall, as do his bonus level narrations.
  • One of his combo moves in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes involves Deadpool breaking the fourth wall. The icon for interacting with something appears under the enemy and Deadpool's logo appears above them. Deadpool traps the enemy in the icon and hits them on the head with his logo.
  • Whenever the player unlocks a character in a bonus level, Deadpool says, "You got THAT loser? I'M the only merc with a mouth you should be unlocking! Unless you've just gotta have them all. 100%, here we come! Woo!"
  • Whenever the player gains True Believer status in a bonus level, he says, "Well well, Mr. Big-shot! Looks like you've collected enough LEGO Studs to earn True Believer status! I don't know who keeps leaving them everywhere. All I know is that I want them."
  • At Marvel Comics Headquarters, he tells the writers to "get back to work. Those Deadpool titles aren't gonna write themselves!"
  • He acknowledges Vulture and Howard's absence from the modern mainstream Marvel comics.
  • After The Blob is defeated, Deadpool says, "And, as always, the winner is..." But instead of saying "Wolverine", who was that level's playable hero, he says, "YOU! That's right, you! The player!"
  • On one occasion, he calls the player a hoarder, as he looks out of the television and into the player's house, commenting on trash and comics that may be lying around.
  • He acknowledges that he is in a video game whenever the player finds a Deadpool Red Brick. He says, "Congratulations, dear gamer! You found the best prize there is in all of interactive entertainment: a Deadpool Red Brick! Come visit yours truly on the helicarrier to unlock super-secret extras!".
  • When Stan Lee is seen in a bonus level, Deadpool says, "Him again? He's in this game more than I am! Is he gonna be in every level? I mean, who does this guy think he is?"
  • While playing as Deadpool, the player will sometimes hear him say, "Hey, these swords are just plastic! What gives?"
  • When he challenges the player to a race as a sidequest, he says, "Hey hey! Hope you guys aren't sick of races yet, because you ain't 100%-ing this game without finishing mine!"
  • Deadpool says that "fetch quest guys" tick him off. However, he still gives the player a "fetch" sidequest.
  • When Deadpool's "flamingo blade" is returned to him, he says, "You just followed the convenient trail of studs, didn't you? Ugh! Games are too nice these days."
  • When the player accepts Deadpool's third and final sidequest, he says, "It's my third quest, so you know what that means: the designers have probably run out of ideas! Let's beat up a set number of bad guys! Extra points if you see them spawn in!" Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

Wade Wilson, the “Merc with a Mouth”, is unconventional, unpredictable, and almost totally unhinged. As a mercenary, he sells his formidable combat skills to the highest bidder, distracting his opponents with jokes and seemingly inane prattle to throw them off their guard.


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  • When Deadpool shoots his guns in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, he sometimes says, "Bang!" as he does in the comics.
  • His idle animation normally shows him carrying his two swords, but sometimes he only holds one of them.
    • However, there is an extremely rare case where his idle animation shows without his swords.
  • Deadpool, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four were the only Marvel characters appearing in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes only, they all later were not seen or mentioned in LEGO Marvel's Avengers or LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.


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