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The Decorator is a Minifigures Series 10 minifigure released in May 2013.[1]


The Decorator is based off of a house painter. He wears a grey shirt with white overalls over them, splattered with blue paint. His face depicts a confident expression, and another paint splat is seen. His cap is the same as the Plumber's but in white. His accessories are a grey paint bucket and a new handle piece is attached to a 1x1 blue cylinder to create a paint roller.

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“Is this the right purple? It looks a little off…”

This Decorator does more than just paint houses. He’s also responsible for coloring each and every LEGO® brick! You didn’t think that they just popped out of a big machine that way, did you?

With the help of his handy roller, the Decorator adds shade and tint to elements as they come down the production line. He paints them on all sides, making sure to coat each stud on top and tube underneath, and he takes care to get any special details just right. So the next time you reach into a big box of bricks, remember who to thank for making them look so bright and colorful!



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  • The Decorator's grey paint bucket isn't shown on his CGI picture, but it is on his checklist picture.