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Deep Sea Explorers is a City subtheme introduced in 2015.


As the name suggests, this theme features sets based around deep sea exploration. All sets have Treasure, sea creatures and underwater scenery!


Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
60090 alt1.jpg60090Deep Sea Scuba Scooter42Diver$12.89May 2015
60091 alt1.jpg60091Deep Sea Starter Set90Diver 2× (different types), Deep Sea Diver$9.99 / €9.99May 2015
60092 alt1.jpg60092Deep Sea Submarine274Diver 2× (different types), Submarine Pilot$39.99May 2015
60093 alt1.jpg60093Deep Sea Helicopter388Diver 2× (different types), Helicopter Pilot$49.99May 2015
60095 alt1.jpg60095Deep Sea Exploration Vessel717Diver 4× (different types), Deep Sea Diver, Captain, Assistant$119.99May 2015
61l87gFBOzL. SX355 .jpg60096Deep Sea Operation Base9075$99.99 / €79,992015


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