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"Disassemble! Demolish! Deconstruct!"
―Demolition Dummy

The Demolition Dummy, also known as simply Dummy,[1] is a minifigure that was released in 2010 as part of 8683 Minifigures Series 1 with him still making various LEGO media appearances in the years since.


This minifigure is based on a crash test dummy and comes with a wrench accessory, a "PA7 70" number plate printed on a 1x2 flat tile and black display stand. The dummy has a neutral expression and numerous crash symbols. The entire dummy is printed with a yellow flesh tone with black and grey printing. Its hips are also black.

Facts from the LEGO Minifigures Character Encyclopaedia

  • His licence plate is from a dismantled car.
  • His wrench used for taking bricks apart.
    Character encylcopaedia
  • No one knows what the Demolition Dummy is actually thinking.
  • He likes brick walls and dislikes one-piece objects.


The LEGO Movie

The Demolition Dummy appears in The LEGO Movie. He is among the Master Builders that meet in Cloud Cuckoo Land to see the special. When Vitruvius informs the Master Builders of Lord Business's plan he is seen getting scared and running behind Michaelangelo before being calmed down by Vitruvius.

Demo run

He is later caught by the Super Secret Police and is among the last two Master Builders being imprisoned alongside the other Master Builders in the Think Tank by Lord business, possibly indicating he was better at hiding than the other Master Builders. He is seen being seen dragged in by his cheek by a Skele-tron alongside the El Macho Wrestler.


After Emmet Sacrifices himself he is seen morning him alongside Superman

He presumably took part in the battle of Bricksburg and the subsequent celebrations

Demosup Description This is a description taken from Do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

“Disassemble! Demolish! Deconstruct!”

The Demolition Dummy exists to take things apart. He is compelled to disassemble everything that he comes across into its component parts, leaving piles of pieces behind wherever he goes. Although he doesn’t seem to be very bright or creative, he is extremely persistent, and it’s difficult to stop him once he starts trying to deconstruct something. No matter what anyone else does, he always seems to find a way to accomplish his task.

Having the Demolition Dummy and the Robot in the same place together is like watching a perpetual motion machine – one constantly builds while the other un-builds, over and over again. No one really knows what motivates the Demolition Dummy to take everything he sees apart, but he certainly seems happy about it when he’s done…until he spots the next thing to disassemble, and then off he goes!


  • The Demolition Dummy's face is available on the LEGO Universe version of LEGO Digital Designer.
  • The "PA77O" on the license plate is for "Patto", the nickname of the team's graphic designer Micheal Patton.
  • The Demolition Dummy is terrible at jigsaw puzzles…but he’s great at bowling.
  • The Demolition Dummy got his driver’s license on his first try.
  • Sometimes when he’s bored, the Demolition Dummy takes himself apart and waits for someone to come put him back together.
  • In The LEGO Movie Video Game, he is referred as Test Dummy.
  • The Demolition Dummy's habit of taking things apart is similar to that of the Evil Robot, but the Demolition Dummy's intentions are not evil.
  • His parts are available in the character customizer In LEGO Batman 3
  • He is Playable in Both LEGO City Undercover games
  • Despite his defining trait being disassembling objects he is shown as a master builder in The LEGO Movie
  • He is an unlockable character in LEGO Legacy Heroes unboxed
  • He is a special character in LEGO Tower. If you collect the required pieces you can convert a minifigure into him to get increased rent.
  • When converted he posts the following quote to BrickBook : "Disassemble! Demolish! Deconstruct!"



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