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Derrick is a minifigure and crew member of the Queen Anne's Revenge in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game.


Derrick is a pirate that possibly lived in London. Once, he heard a rumour that Jack Sparrow is recruiting a crew to take a voyage to the Fountain of Youth, and that they are signing men up at a tavern called The Captain's Daughter. He was successfully enrolled, and said he was serving on Jack Sparrow's ship, who would

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invite him for a drink. He was taken aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge. He also took part in the mutiny led by the real captain Jack Sparrow and when Blackbeard came out of the cabin, he was hung up by the rigging of the Queen Anne's Revenge. Later he took part in the attack on the Whitecap Bay mermaids, where he was was forced to sit in the same boat as Philip Swift, Scrum, Ezekiel, The Gunner Zombie, another pirate and the Cabin Boy. He mentions that a kiss from a mermaid could save a sailor from drowning. Like the rest aboard the boat, Derrick was forced to sing in order to attract mermaids. As the mermaids attacked the men in the boats, Derrick was almost pushed in the water, but Philip saved him. When the mermaids destroyed the boat, Derrick was attacked by a mermaid, but he threw her off of him. Another mermaid dragged him to the bottom of the sea, where he was eaten alive by Tamara's sisters and herself.


  • Derrick survived the mermaid attack in the game. He didn't survive in the movie, the mermaids probably drowned and ate him.
  • He also had a traditional tan tricorn, rather than having a brown hat with its right and left sides curved like in the movie.
  • He also had a small black beard, while in the movie his beard was a bit larger and brown.


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