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Designer are LEGO sets that come with an assortment of System pieces made for creating and designing one's own models with, in the tradition of Basic and FreeStyle. They include Idea Booklets to help with model inspiration, and come with no instruction booklets. Designer sets were introduced in 2003 and their content as well as the philosophy of stirring creativity by just providing LEGO pieces and a design outline overlapped with Creator, into which Designer was eventually merged in 2006.

A subtheme of Designer was X-Pods which ran from 2004 to 2006.


Designer sets can usually be distinguished by having one main model to sell with, two other models with full instructions, and inspiration for other models. They are favorites for children, teens, and adults who enjoy LEGO more for building and designing rather than playing with and fantasizing.

List of Designer Sets[]

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
3223 Orange Fish3223Orange Fish43 2003
4047-14047Ultimate Wheels497$29.992003
4048 Mech Lab4048Mech Lab543 2003
40964096Micro Wheels207$9.992003
4097 Mini Robots4097Mini Robots219$9.992003
4098-14098High Flyers197$9.992003
4099 Robobots4099Robobots324$20.002003
4100 Maximum Wheels4100Maximum Wheels290$20.002003
4101 Wild Collection4101Wild Collection492$30.002003
BlaropodX14335Black Robot Pod50$3.502004
4337-1-14337Dragon Pod52$3.502005
4338 Box4338Monster Pod49$3.502005
4339-14339Aqua Pod56$3.492005
Robopod4346Robo Pod50$3.492004
4347 Box4347Auto Pod67$3.502004
Oldyeller24348Aero Pod36$3.492004
4349 Wild Pod4349Wild Pod44$3.502004
4401 Little Creations4401Little Creations110$10.002003
4402 Box4402Sea Riders547$40.002003
4403 Air Blazers4403Air Blazers702$50.002003
4404 Box4404Land Busters772$59.992003
44134413Arachno Pod57 2005
Robo Pod4416Robo Pod71 2006
4417-14417Aero Pod60$4.992006
4418-14418Dino Pod55$3.502006
4505 Sea Machines4505Sea Machines169 2004
4506 Deep Sea Predators4506Deep Sea Predators352 2004
45074507Prehistoric Creatures719 2004
4508 Box4508Titan XP782$49.992004
4881 Robo Platoon box4881Robo Platoon218 2005
4882 Speed Wings4882Speed Wings161 2005
48834883Gear Grinders273$19.992005
4884-14884Wild Hunters630$29.992005
48864886Building Bonanza667 2004
4888 Ocean Oddysey4888Ocean Odyssey623$39.992005
4903 Lion4903Lion42 2005
49044904Elephant34 2005
4905 Giraffe4905Giraffe37 2005
4906 Helicopter4906Helicopter16 2005
No image4907Ambulance  2005
4911 Truck4911Truck37 2005
5482 Ultimate House Building Set5482Ultimate House Building Set674 2006
X-Podpaypack9965535X-Pod Play Off Game Pack219$20.002004
7209-17209Flying Dino28 2004
7210-17210Long Neck Dino33 2004
7212-17212Sky Squad127$9.992003
72187218Boat26 2004
7219-17219Dino34 2004
7221-17221Robots24 2003
7222-17222Flyers28 2003
7223-17223Wheelers36 2003
7268 Spider7268Spider32 2005
7269 Spider7269Scorpion370 2005
7270 Parrot7270Parrot28 2005
Apple7271Apple8 2005
72727272Pear10 2005
72747274Orange7 2005
7275-17275Cherry11 2005
72767276Mango6 2005
7278 Melon7278Melon8 2005
79107910Robot29 2004
7911-17911Tugboat34 2004
7912-17912Helicopter26 2004
K4346-1K4346X-Pod Kit197 2004
K4413-0000-xx-13-1K4413X-Pod Cool Creatures Collection213 2005

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