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"Why, the solution is as simple as clicking two bricks together!"

The Detective, named Mr. Clue,[1] is a minifigure from the Minifigures theme released in 2011 as one of the sixteen minifigures from 8805 Minifigures Series 5.


The detective has a dark tan printed torso with yellow hands. His torso represents a jacket with a large collar and five buttons on it. The jacket has light tan stripes running across it along with a few light maroon stripes, as well as maroon stripes running from top to bottom. He has dark tan legs, and a deerstalker cap with a light tan and maroon stripes on the sides. He has a curious expression and dark grey sideburns. The detective comes with a dark grey magnifying glass.



Book Appearances

  • Mystery on the LEGO Express

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If you’ve got a major mystery to solve, the Detective is your minifigure. He’s famed across the land for his amazing deductive skills, and he never gives up on a case, no matter how impossible it may at first appear. He just whips out his magnifying glass, follows the clues, and always arrives at the right solution in the end.

You may have heard of some of the Detective’s most famous cases. He’s the one who single-handedly solved the Brickster’s Baffling Brick-Napping, the Sam Sinister Switcheroo, and the Mystery of Timmy’s Nose. Why, he even tracked down a missing pet from the Racing Drome…and robot monkeys don’t leave footprints!



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  1. Mystery on the LEGO Express