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Dewey Cheatum was one of the three bandits in the Western theme. He wore a green jacket and a green poker-patterned shirt with gray legs, and a black top hat. He also had a gold tooth. Dewey is a card shark, and successfully cheats at every poker game he plays.


  • He also appeared in 5702 LEGO Chess and 5706 LEGOLAND (in a movie clip and in the attractions) along with Flatfoot Thompson and Black Bart.
  • He also appears in Soccer Mania under the name Nick Dollars, as the goalkeeper of his team of bandits, after his team is defeated in the story, he and his team-mates are unlockable. This marks the only time he is a playable character.
  • Because two sets with him in are included in the K6762 Western Collection, two of him feature in this collection.
  • His name "Dewey Cheatum" is a portmanteau of "Do we cheat them".


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