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This article is about theme. For attraction, see Dino Island (Malaysia).

Dino Island is the third sub-theme in the Adventurers series. It is the second smallest Adventurers sub-theme, with only Adventurers Amazon being smaller. All sets were released in 2000, and out of all fourteen sets, only four had more than 100 pieces.

List of sets

Image#SetNumber of piecesMinifiguresPriceRelease
1278 Box1278Johnny Thunder & Baby T20Johnny Thunder 2000
1279 Cunningham's Dinofinder1279Cunningham's Dinofinder21Mr. Cunningham 2000
1280-11280Microcopter28Dr. Kilroy 2000
1281 Mike's Dinohunter1281Mike's Dinohunter24Mike 2000
5903 Box5903Johnny Thunder and Baby T23Johnny Thunder$2.002000
5904 Box5904Microcopter281$2.002000
5911 Johnny Thunder's Plane5911Johnny Thunder's Plane18Johnny Thunder$3.002000
59125912Mike's Swamp Boat18Mike$2.992000
Dr.Kilroy5913Dr. Kilroy's Car20Dr. Kilroy$2.992000
5914-Baby T-Rex Trap5914Sam Sinister and Baby T20Lord Sinister$3.002000
5920 Box5920Island Racer501$5.002000
5921-15921Research Glider56Mike$6.002000
5934-15934Dino Explorer88Johnny Thunder , Dr. Kilroy$15.002000
5935 Box5935Island Hopper202Pippin Reed$20.002000
5955-1-15955All Terrain Trapper186Alexia Sinister, Baron Von Barron, Mr. Cunningham$29.992000
Dino5975T-Rex Transport322Lord Sam Sinister , Alexia Sinister , Johnny Thunder , Mike , Dr. Kilroy$49.992000
5987 Box5987Dino Research Compound617Mike , Mr. Cunningham , Sam Sinister , Johnny Thunder , Pippin Reed , Dr. Kilroy$80.002000
Kabdino-1KabayaDino Island 4-Pack80Dr. Kilroy, Johnny Thunder, Mike, Mr. Cunningham 2000


Tn adv010 jpg
Johnny ThunderMikeDr. KilroyPippin ReedPippin (Pilot)Sam SinisterSinister (Island Racer)Alexia SinisterMr. CunninghamCunningham (Pilot)

Characters introduced in this theme:

  • Alexia Sinister: The sister of Sam Sinister who helps him with his latest plot against the trio.
  • Mike: A young friend of Johnny Thunder who helps him out on Dino Island.
  • Mr. Cunningham: A poacher who is hired by Sam Sinister who helps him in his attempt to capture the Dinosaurs of Dino Island.



  • Dino Island appears in LEGO Racers 2 as a racing circuit with four races and a boss
  • This is the only Adventurers theme that is not based on a real life location.
  • In The LEGO Movie, Wyldstyle's flashback involving the Master Builders showed Dino Island on the map in Lord Business's boarding room. It is shown in east of Atlantis and west of Cape Space.


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