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Dino Tracker is a minifigure that was released in 2014 as part of 71007 Minifigures Series 12. It originally was supposed to be released in October, but it had been released in Hong Kong on 23 of September.


The Dino Tracker has long dark brown hair in the same style as the Genie Girl's. Her face has some scratches on it and is cast in an angry expression. She wears a dark tan tank top over a dark brown shirt. She has some lime green tranquilizer vials strapped to her shirt, which is torn by scratches. Her arms are dual-moulded to represent dark brown short sleeves. Her legs are olive green and designed to be cargo pants, with large pockets on the side. She carries a bow which was previously exclusive to Hawkeye. She reuses a lime green tranquilizer syringe from the Dino theme. Description This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page)

"From Allosaurus to Zuniceratops, I’ve caught ‘em all!"

You never know when wild dinosaurs might pop through a time portal or escape from a crazy scientist’s lab. When pesky prehistoric reptiles go on a rampage, there’s only one person you need to call: the daring and dauntless Dino Tracker!

As a member of an elite team of dinosaur hunters, the Dino Tracker has the gear, the experience, and the know-how to take down plant-eaters and carnivores of any size. Moving swiftly and silently, she sneaks up close and then fires a tranquilizer arrow to knock out her titanic targets so they can be picked up and transported to the dino nature reserve. She might get a few scuffs and scrapes along the way, but it’s all in the name of keeping both civilians and saurians safe!