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Divers was a Lego Town subtheme that was centered around maritime exploration and was introduced in 1997. The theme was discontinued in 1999.


The theme's sets featured mini submarines, divers and underwater bases as well as surface ships and various forms of sealife. Unlike the futuristic Aquazone theme the Divers sets were more realistic and set in the present.

The eponymous "divers" of this theme were involved in underwater treasure hunting and the exploration of the sealife, mostly sharks. The design of their equipment is based upon present day technology. The relatively high level of realism shows also in the use of real world diver down flags on the ships. Some of the sets also included a detailed underwater landscape built onto a baseplate which served as varied backdrops for the dives. 6559 Deep Sea Bounty even included a whale skeleton on the seafloor.

The 2007 theme Aqua Raiders can be considered a partial revival of Divers. While Aqua Raiders focusses more on treasure hunting than exploration, it still retains a certain level of realism instead of being too futuristic like Aquazone.

New pieces

Although this theme made good use of many underwater specific parts that were initially released with Aquazone it introduced many new parts. Such as the one-pieced inflatable boat and also several pieces of diving gear like the diving mask, the scuba tank and the harpoon gun, which all reappeared in Aqua Raiders ten years later.

This theme also some additions to LEGO's sealife with animals like the manta ray, which did not reappear after 1999, and grey sawfish heads which were only available in Divers sets. A black version was available in the set 4789 AT Aquatic Mech from Alpha Team.

Other exclusive parts are the red and blue diver down flags.


All sets were introduced in 1997 and were available until 1998.

Other underwater themes

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