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Doc Hudson is a famous racecar, the Fabulous Hudson Hornet in Cars. After a big crash, Doc became the mayor, judge, and doctor of Radiator Springs. To date, he hasn't appeared in any System sets, but he appeared in the DUPLO set, 5815 Flo's V-8 Café.


Doc Hudson, also known as the Hudson Hornet, was an old race car who lived at Radiator Springs. His racing career ended when, after recovering from a crash, he was turned away by racing officials when he attempted to rejoin the sport. He didn't like Lightning McQueen at first because of this association with his past, but later got to like him. He ended up as Lightning McQueen's crew chief in the Piston Cup Champion tie-breaker race. Doc passed away prior to Cars 2, but continued to serve as an inspiration for McQueen during that film and through the events of Cars 3.



  • In a LEGO Club Magazine advertising the System Cars theme, Doc was shown in a non-physical System form.
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