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This article is about the Rock Raiders character. For Power Miners minifigure, see Doc (Power Miners).

Docs is a Rock Raiders minifigure introduced in 1999.


Docs's assembly is like most minifigures. Docs features grey legs, torso, and a cap similar to that of the Imperial Officer, the torso printing features a grey jacket with the top center being yellow bare chested and grey sleeve arms with yellow hands. Above the torso is a black scarf. Docs's face predominately features some facial hair features like a brown mustache and sideburns. Glasses are sitting on top of his head with a smirk additionally featured on the mouth. Another variation of him is identical with the exception of a backpack added.

In the video game, his waist has a belt with black and yellow caution lines, and on the front of his legs are printings of brown pants pockets.


He is a keen explorer, explosives expert, and a geologist. He is also renowned for his skill in locating Brickonium and LEGO Ore, saying that he "loves the smell of Brickonium". Docs has great leadership and survival skills, and looks after novice Rock Raiders. Aside from Chief, Docs is the wisest and most experienced member of the team.

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