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Doctor Kelvin[1] is an Ice Planet 2002 astronaut minifigure introduced in 1993.


Doctor Kelvin wears the same black, white, and blue spacesuit as the male Ice Planet Astronaut. She has large lips and red hair.


Doctor Kelvin is one of the scientific researchers exploring the ice planet Krysto, led by Commander Cold. She is the patent-holder of snow treads, freeze rays, and hand warmers. When not doing research, she spends her free time skiing down the icy slopes of the planet.

In LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Doctor Kelvin is a support unit with the abilities "Snow Mercy", "Frostbite Phaser", and "Fresh Powder".

In the Piptown United campaign, Doctor Kelvin and Commander Cold were investigating Codex Tiles beneath Krysto's surface when an Alien Clinger named Gorwell began mind-controlling the astronauts. They tried to shut down the air control tower, but were beaten back by Gorwell's drones. Paramedic Poppy, Hedley the Headsman, and the Builders arrive on Krysto in response to the SOS, although Kelvin and Cold are initially suspicious that they are mind-controlled. Kelvin and Cold assist the Builders in stopping ships from entering or leaving Krysto airspace in order to quarantine Gorwell; during this, Doctor Kelvin temporarily joins the Builders' party in mission 2.4 to stop Deborah and Gorwell from using the radio tower to signal incoming ships. Kelvin and Cold escape Krysto aboard the Builders' ship, heading back to Piptown.


  • Doctor Kelvin was the first female minifigure to appear in Space sets.
  • Doctor Kelvin's name most likely refers to the kelvin, a unit of temperature measurement in physical sciences. The Kelvin scale is often associated with freezing temperatures as cold as -273.15 degrees Celsius, known as absolute zero in kelvin.
  • According to Usenet newsgroup user "JohnKelly" in 1996, Doctor Kelvin was named Major Urusa in an Ice Planet 2002 theme summary passed around the model shop.[2] This name is a play on the constellation Ursa Major. However, it is not known to have been used in any official publication by LEGO.


LEGO Description This is a description taken from LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. Do not modify it.

A sturdy support unit who hunkers down defensively and slows up enemies. An accomplished scientist and adventurer, Kelvin holds patents for snow treads, freeze rays, and some of those little hot pocket-y things that you put in your gloves.

Not all scientists get the warm fuzzies when they're assigned to live on the desolate ice planet Krysto. Luckily for Kelvin, she spends as much time doing scientific research with her fellow Ice Planeteers as she does "thrashing pow" and hitting the slopes of her new icy home.

Premiered in 1993.

Early Spring
Appeared in two sets.

Bundled Up
Shares a torso with the Ice Planet Astronauts.

One Giant Step
Was the first female Space minifigure.