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1976 - present

Dogs are animals that have had several different appearances in a wide variety of LEGO themes since 1976 and as recent as 2013. Since they were debuted in the early 1900's, there has been a wide range of variations of the piece.


The earliest appearance of a dog was when the Wooden Toys were around and two wooden dogs were made. One was called Dog (Hund) and the other wood toy was called Terrier (Hund). They also released a set called Wooden Pluto based of the Disney character, Pluto. The earliest appearances of a dog as a plastic LEGO brick was in the DUPLO set 082 LEGOVILLE. Not much more than a white brick attached to a black brick and printed with a dog's face, dogs since then have taken much more detailed forms, ranging from the canine residents of Fabuland, like various buldogs and Dr. Dog, to the highly detailed DUPLO version of Disney's Pluto and the realistic animals seen in many City sets. Currently there most recent variations have been in the City theme: a German Shepherd variation introduced in 2011, a Dalmatian variation introduced in 2013 and a Chihuahua released also in 2013.


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Even before the standard dog was introduced, the 2001 Harry Potter set 4706 Forbidden Corridor had featured a multipart model of Fluffy, the enormous three-headed guard dog. The standard System dog first appeared in 2004. Initially exclusive to the Harry Potter theme. When appearing with the Harry Potter theme it was representing Sirius Black. Eventually it appeared in the City line in 2006 and has featured in many sets, particularly as a police dog. It was solid dark grey then solid brown with concave eyes and no printing.

In 2011 it was replaced by a new, more detailed mould with longer triangular ears and printed eyes and nose. It's body colour is nougat with black spot on its nose which is supposed to resemble German Shepherd (Alsatian). In 2013 a new version (white with black printed spots) representing Dalmatian will appear in City theme.

In 2013 a new mould of a chihuahua appeared in 10'th series of Minifigures (theme) as a trendsetter's accessory. This dog is a one-stud brown figure in sitting position with large printed eyes and nose. It has distinctive pointy ears.

Another dog breed in System scale will be introduced in 2014. The team of four huskies will be included in three sets of Arctic, a subtheme of City theme. The new husky mould has similar proportions as Alsatian, but with more massive body, softer lines and distinctive curved tail. The single stud on the creatures' back will allow harnessing the huskies to the sledge. This animal figure will be available in light grey with darker saddle-shaped patch on the dog's back and neck, black eyes, eyebrows and nose. Because of the printing technique used, no two huskies will be identically coloured.

Video games

The grey stone dog is a playable character in LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game as a guard dog. It is able to dig, and bites as a defense tactic.

Belville and Scala

The first Belville dog was introduced in sets in 1994, and joined the following year by a smaller puppy. Both were originally plain, but later sets would feature versions with printing. In 1998, Scala introduced new dogs and puppies that had even more detailed, multi-coloured printing patterns for different dog breeds.


The first realistic DUPLO dog appeared in 1986 and resembled a black Scottish terrier. A new dog was introduced in 1998 and was available in either dark orange, or with dalmatian patterning. The most recent DUPLO dog appeared in 2007 and is available in tan, black or dalmatian variations.


For this theme three different dog moulds were introduced so far. In 2012 a long-eared puppy called Scarlett was released as well as a puppy with raised ears, which comes in different colour variations. In 2013 a new poodle was released in two variations.


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Fabuland dog


System dog

Dark stone
Reddish brown
Dark orange

Magazine appearances

Nougat (Alsatian)
White with black spots (Dalmatian)

Friends dog

Puppy with raised ears
Puppy with long hanging ears


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